Colleen's Teaching Philosophy


Education, experience, adventure, and FUN! That's what you'll get when you join Colleen on a CMS Photography workshop.


My primary mission is to help you take your photography to the next level and create images you're proud of - no matter where your camera gear or skill level!


I love helping you make your own images as much as I enjoy making my own so I do not focus on shooting my own personal work during the workshops and classes I teach, so you get extensive personal attention on YOUR needs and YOUR photography.


My goal in my photography workshops is to help you capture YOUR vision consistently and predictably by:


And, you'll have a blast in the process! I customize each workshop's curriculum using registrants’ input collected prior to the start of the workshop. As such, no two workshops are ever the same!


My workshops are best suited for more active individuals interested in continuously learning about photography, the world around them, and themselves. Those seeking guidance as to where to put the tripod holes in solely iconic locations will likely not appreciate the personal style and creative vision approach I encourage and therefore may enjoy workshops with other photographic instructors offering photo tours instead.


Whether it be through the workshops offered through other companies or one of my own workshops, you'll have a fun and memorable learning experience. Hope you'll join me for your next photography adventure!

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