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"You don't just teach photography. You also teach how to THINK about photography. That makes all the difference."
~Bob S.


My workshops aim to help you develop your skills, techniques, and approaches, both technically and creatively, to enable YOU to become a more competent, confident photographer. Combining my enthusiasm for continuously learning and helping others, all workshop activities are focused on delivering a photography education--giving photographers a supportive environment to explore and learn more about their craft, their surroundings, their own creative talents, and life, not on making a portfolio of trophy images of iconic locations.


This is a different approach than many photography workshops out there. My workshops focus on developing your internal artist, interpreting external variables, and establishing a connection with the land in personally-meaningful ways. Those seeking specific direction as to where to put the tripod holes in iconic locations, what lens to use, what settings to use, etc. and chasing so-called "good light" will likely not appreciate the personal style and creative vision approach I encourage and therefore may enjoy photo tours/"workshops" with other guides instead. Please check out my Teaching Philosophy page for more information about how I approach workshops.


I operate my workshops on public lands under the required Commercial Use Authorizations (National Park Service) and other permits as stipulated by the USFS, BLM, state parks, and other managing organizations. I also conduct my workshops following Leave No Trace principles (which I'm formally trained in) and in observation of all site rules and regulations. To ensure your safety on my trips, I hold Wilderness First Responder certification and a Backcountry Food Handling license.


I am grateful to Singh-Ray Filters, for naming me a Singh-Ray Ambassador in 2021 and for sponsoring my workshops starting in 2019! Students will have the ability to test out their filters on my workshops and receive a special discount on gear.


Take your photography skills, passion for the outdoors, and love for adventure to the next level on my exciting, educational, and inspirational photography workshops, classes, presentations, and special events below! For those interested in online learning through webinars and small-group online critique sessions, please visit my Online Learning page.


(Click on date/workshop title to read a detailed workshop description and to register. Registration and payment of the listed deposit is required to confirm your workshop reservation. Email or verbal communication of your intent to register does not guarantee a reservation.)



Edington Photography Workshop (Co-ed)

August 2-6, 2021

Cost: $350/person

Limited to 15 participants


Autumn in Acadia (Co-ed)

October 11-15, 2021

Cost: $1995/person

Limited to 8 participants - Sold out - waitlist available!

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains:
  A Sheography™ All-Women's Photography Workshop

Session #1: October 24-28, 2021

Cost: $1395/person

Limited to 10 women - Sold out - waitlist available!


Session #2: October 28-November 1, 2021

Cost: $1395/person

Limited to 10 women - Sold out - waitlist available!


2022 Workshops

Grand Canyon Rafting Photography Retreat (Co-ed)

August 20-28, 2022

Cost: $4195/person

Limited to 15 participants - 4 spots left


I maintain waitlists for all sold out workshops, so if you would like to add your name to a session that is currently full, please contact me at


Looking forward to helping you in your photographic and creative journey. See you out there!


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